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Due to significant increases in demand, we are now manufacturing new machines to order.   If you need quicker turnaround, we also offer machine rebuilding services at our facility or yours.  Need a Wysong rebuild, but don’t yet have your machine?  We are happy to offer locator services through our expansive dealer and customer network to find what you’re looking for.

If you would like to request a quote for either a new machine or a Wysong rebuild, please contact us today to discuss your needs. 


In-Process Rebuilds Currently for Sale


– 1010 – 10ft, 10 ga. (3/16″ intermittent) capacity mechanical shear

– 1250 – 12ft, 1/2″ capacity mechanical shear

– HS1060 – High Speed 60″, 10 ga. capacity mechanical shear (200 strokes per min)

– PHP400-216  18ft, 400ton cnc press brake with PC800 control

– 1072-P  6ft, 10 ga. capacity mechanical shear, converted for plastics

-1084-P  7ft, 10 ga. capacity mechanical shear, converted for plastics


Please call or email for prices. If you’re looking for a particular machine that we don’t have listed, let us know and we might be able to help you find it.

“Buying a Wysong Rebuild is not only economical, but is also a great way to purchase American-made quality that is increasingly hard to find in today’s market. We are very satisfied with the product we have received and continue to have a great relationship with Delta Phoenix.”

Joseph Hance, Maintenance Division
Stromberg Metal Works, Inc.


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