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Press Brakes

Wysong Hydraulic Press Brakes are engineered to stand up to the most demanding production environments on the planet.  Manufactured in Europe and supported by our industry veterans in the United States.

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Press Brakes


Standard Features


  • Delem Touch Screen Control
  • Y1,Y2,X,R CNC 4 Axes
  • 310mm Stroke, 410mm Throat Depth
  • ± 0,03 accuracy SERVO motorized back gauge. X=750mm, R=250mm
  • Quick clamp Promecam punch tool holder
  • Sliding front sheet support arms
  • Manual Anti-deflection crowning with original Wila wedges
  • GIVI optic linear scales (Italy)
  • Standard punch tools (H: 67, 85°, R:08)
  • Standard die tools (4 Way Die =16-22-35-50mm, 85°, H:60)
  • LED illumination on RAM
  • Front laser safety

Available Options


  • Upgrade to 4-6 axis back gauge 
  • Deep throat
  • Hydraulic oil temp control
  • Manual/automatic lubrication
  • Cabinet cooling
  • Rolleri Rol200 hydraulic punch clamping
  • Wila hydraulic punch clamping
  • Wide bottom table for Multi Vee dies
  • Motorized Anti-deflection crowning with original Wila wedges
  • 1.000mm X axis travel
  • Additional back gauge fingers

Back Gauge Options

1 Axis: X

2 Axis: X, R

4 Axis: X, R, Z1, Z2

5 Axis, X, R, Z1, Z2, X5

6 Axis: X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2

Pneumatic Sheet Support

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