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Fiber Laser

Wysong MVD Fiber Lasers – Manufactured in Europe and equipped with best in class components.  Built to Last.

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Fiber Lasers


Standard Features


Windows operating system

Multi-touch graphic screen

Multifunctional keyboard, button/joystick/speed potentiometer

EtherCAT communications for data transfer or machine control

Enhanced Database for cutting parameters, for different type
materials and thicknesses

Fly Cut functions for same direction high-speed cutting

“No Piercing” technology for thin materials, efficiency time and
cost improvements

Better results at thick cuts, by prioritizing all piercings process before
regular cutting

Remote connection to PC

Multi-language support

Enhanced sheet metal recognition software

Referencing and sheet alignment functions

Setting different user-login levels for operators/maintenance/admin

Multi-functional workpiece job order search/recall function



IPG YLS resonator

Optimum focus diameter

Maintenance free technology,

Continuous perfect beam quality
with a laser beam is transmitted by the fiber core through the
fiber cable.

High efficiency, low consumptions of electricity fiber laser
technology, 5-6 times the lower running cost

IPG Chiller

Digital micro processing controlled industrial purpose chiller unit

Part Nesting

Lantek or Radan options

Offers perfect nesting efficiency for automatic or manual part nesting

Copy, move, reverse, turn alignment manual, semi-automatic,
functions geometrical working

Advanced nesting algorithm optimizes the use of material, minimizing scrap.


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Quality built to last.  Wysong equipment is well known throughout North America for being among the most durable machines on the market.

We take great pride in our equipment and customer relationships, and the generations of employees responsible for creating this reputation for quality have made Wysong a leader in the machine tool industry in North America.  Quality is not just an idea—it’s culture, and it shows with the dedication to excellence from every employee.

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